السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
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Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Historical Origins of Indigenous Communities Rejang(SEJARAH SUKU REJANG)

Historical Origins of Indigenous Communities Rejang
Rejang tribes mature inibertebaran must have finished early origins, from the story for generations and several essays written about the Rejang it can be ascertained that the origin is in the Rejang tribes Lebong now and this is evident from the following:

John Marsden, British Resident in Lais (1775-1779), provides information on the four Petulai Rejang, which Joorcalang (Jurukalang), Beremanni (Bermani), Selopo (selupu) and Toobye (Tubay).
JLM Swaab, Netherlands Lais Controller (1910-1915) says that if Lebong in angap as a place of national origin Rejang, it must come from Lebong Merigi. Because people merigi is derived from the Lebong, because people Merigi in the Rejang (Marga Merigi in Rejang) as residents come from Lebong, also a ban on dancing between Single and Girls in Kejai time because they come from an ancestry that is Petulai Tubei.
Dr. JW Van Royen in its report on "Indigenous-Federatie in de Residentie's Bengkoelen en Palembang" in article bengsa Rejang say that as a whole Rejang its purest, where clans can be said to be inhabited only by people of a Bang and must be recognized that Rejang Lebong.
At first Rejang tribes in small groups living in the region Lebong wandering wide, they live off the results of forest and river, at this time Rejang tribes Nomadic life (moving) in the order history is also in this period is called the Meduro Dark (Ignorance), where people are very pocket of his life with the natural resources and the environment is available.
It was only at the time they began living Ajai settled mainly in the valleys along the river Ketahun, in this era was the Rejang tribes agricultural cultivation sederhadan and social institutions in regulating the customs administration space for the citizens of the community. According to the unwritten history of Rejang tribes rise from four Petulai and each Petulai in Lead by a Ajai. Ajai is derived from the word Majai of significant leaders of a collection of human beings.
In this age Ajai Lebong area that is still called Renah Sekalawi or Pinang Belapis or often referred to as Kutai Belek Tebo. During Ajai bekumpul society has begun to settle down and be a society in terms of social and communal life komunial Pemerinatahan system is called the Kutai. This situation is shown by the agreement between the society towards communal ownership rights. All the rules and practice of the rights and ownership of everything related to the interests of society led by a Ajai. Although the actual implementation of the community in a position Ajai and other people are not distinguished or separated by size degrees or strata.Nevertheless the importance of the position Ajai and respected by the community, but it is still regarded as the common man of the people who were given the task of leading, fourth Ajai are:

Ajai lead star in a bunch of humans who settled Pelabai somewhere in Marga Spare IX Lebong
Ajai Begelan Mato lead a bunch of people who settled in the Kutai Belek Tebo somewhere in Marga Spare VIII, Lebong
Ajai Spot the lead bunch manusai Spot Sticking settled in a place that is in the current Jurukalang.
Ajai Malang lead a bunch of people who settled in the Great Airport / Up cliffs included into clan territory Tribes IX now.
At the time this came to a head Ajai Renah Sekalawi four Biku / Monk indigenous Bikau the Rejang call Bikau Throughout Jiwo, Bikau Bembo, Bikau Pejenggo and Bikau Bermano. From some opinions state that the Bikau came from the kingdom of Majapahit, but some figures are not all Lebong found this Bikau rise from Majapahit. Of the journey is a process Bikau messenger from among Buddhist clergyman to develop greatness influence of the Majapahit Kingdom, with a more elegant and with a more discerning and concerned with social awareness and uphold the noble values ​​of the local culture.
Through this strategy the Minister of the Kingdom of delegates should no longer attempt to spread the culture and the language Java. Therefore Buddhist cleric class has a quiet action and suave, easily acceptable and the Rejang. It is evident that the four Biku was not seize property or have an intention to apply tribute and taxes to the king of Majapahit, but they only introduce Majapahit kingdom with the king's famous youth named Adityawarman. When they reached the fourth Sekalawi Renah Biku because wise and prudent, powerful, and loving, and merciful, then the four of them shortly thereafter elected by the four societies (Petulai) with the full consent of the people as their leader.

Throughout Biku Jiwo replaces Ajai Bitang
Bembo Biku replaces Ajai Spot
Biku Bejenggo replaces Ajai Begelan Mato
Biku Bermano replaces Ajai Malang
Having led by four Biku, Renah Sekalawi developed into a prosperous area and began earning his farm was started farming, gardening and farming. So at the moment it became clear that their culture and famous for writing the alphabet itself with Ka-Ga-Nga (still sustainable and claims to be the original writing Bengkulu).
After four Biku elected to lead groups of people got a challenge in the form of catastrophic pandemic diseases that attack people. The disaster occurred about the end of the XIII century, the plague that claimed the lives many people regardless of age and gender. According to forecasts by the local astrologer who caused the accident was the arrival of a white monkey named Benuang Way and rested upon a large tree in the forest.
To find a solution to the disaster, it was the fourth Biku bersepakatlah to look for big trees and cut them down with a hope soon after the cut may terminate outbreaks. After dividing each task they scattered to all corners of the forest and eventually entourage Biku Bermano up and found a huge tree they are looking for, they then immediately to cut down a large tree, but their efforts did not succeed because of the cut trees felled by the ax, the tree The increasingly large, the same incident occurred, after a group of Biku Throughout Jiwo up in the same place and try to cut down the great tree, followed by a group of Biku Bejenggo but the tree was not too collapsed. At last it appears the group is Biku Bembo and told them that they have experienced strange happenings in cutting down a large tree would not fall after the tree was cut down and even great bertamah.
"History when he met party leaders met Biku Bembo third party in the discovery of a large tree on which there is a white monkey named Benuang Way is terlontarlah words in Rejang language: pah pro Kumu telebong meaning here would be his saudar. Since then Renah Sekalawi exchange name to Lebong ".
Having recounted the incident that happened to the group Biku Bembo, they consulted to solve problems that occur and agreed to ask for directions to the Hiang (The Almighty) in order to figure out how to cut down a large tree so that it can be cut down. The fourth way in which it is to betarak Biku (ascetic), after they got the hint betarak done to cut down the tree if the underlying raised / supported by seven young girls / teenagers.
After that, they rush to prepare everything clues obtained by the Hiyang including how they find a way so that the seven girls from becoming victims or crushed to death by a large tree that will be torn down. Next they dug a trench to rescue the seven girls raising it. Once the job is making trenches and seven girls ready to raise trees to be torn down, then start the big tree was cut down and the tree actually fell on top of the girl's seventh-raiser. Trenches are made right on the premises rebahnya large tree that has been cut into seven girls have been saved from death and protected in the trenches made.

"The events narrated in the beginning of the provision made for petulai-petulai name them according to the work of the leader of each party in an attempt to cut down a large tree where white monkey dwelling place Benuang Way".
Throughout Jiwo Biku Petulai named Tubeui or Tubai, Rejang language origin of the word "berubeui-ubeui" meaning flock.
Petulai Biku Bermano Bermani named, the origin of language Rejang word "sweet burr" which means fermented sweet.
Petulai Biku jurukalang named Bembo, Rejang language of origin of the word "loop" which means girder.
Petulai Biku Bejenggo Selupuei named Rejang language origin of the word "berupeui-uoeui" meaning piles
So since that time Renah Sekalawi named Lebong and create the Rejang Four petulai essence and origin of the Rejang tribes.The agreement in the wake of the procession After logging Benuang Way is all of the people under the leadership of Bikau Throughout Jiwo where they were united under Tubey unity and centered Pelabai. Along with the return Bikau Jiwo to Majapahit or there is an opinion to the Majapahit Malay berfusat in Fence Ruyung, Bikau leadership is then replaced by Rajo Rajo Mudo Mengat or Mount Gedang whose arrival is expected to be around the 15th century.
Only after this Mengat Rajo leadership succeeded by his son named Ki Karang Nio who wears the title of Sultan Abdullah due to the increase in population and the need for the invasion of the region, the scattered children of this community and form new communities on a great deal done in Lebong then Petulai Tubey This solved a tribe Marga IX based in Kutai Belau Saten, Marga tribe at Muara Aman VIII and Merigi for fractional Petulai Tubey Lebong Outside the region.
Petulai Selupu not broken and remains intact even though its members were scattered everywhere. According to the history that replaces Ajai Bikau Pejenggo is located in Batu Malang in Kesambe width which is the Rejang, while the Village Administrative Top Climbing into indigenous territories include Selupu Lebong a rural area bordering the Rejang custom Coastal and Countryside Comes Love is in the region Marga Spare IX physically bordering the Rejang Bintunan Coastal Peoples.
Institutional System Communal / Indigenous
From the above-written resume can be seen that the origin of the Rejang Lebong tribe and came from four Petulai the Jurukalang, Bermani, Selupu and Tubey. From the article Dr. De Redjang Hazairin in his writings that quote from Muhammad Husayn Petulai also called as the Mego.
It is also strengthened by the writings of English people ever in Bengkulu Marsden and Raffles as well as the Dutch Ress and Swaab mention the word of Mego.
Mego is Petulai or familial unity arising from unilateral system with a patrilineal lineage system and exogamy marriage, even if they are scattered everywhere. The system is a requirement mutlah exogamy timbulya Petulai / clan while the patrilineal kinship system greatly affects the social system and ultimately affect the shape of the unity and power in society.
In ancient times people Bikau be set on the basis of the legal system that is made based on the principle of consensus / consensus, this situation gave birth to the unity of indigenous people called Kutai Kutai Ketuai headed. Kutai's rise from Kuta Hindu language and words that Hamlet difinisikan as a stand-alone, so that the sense of unity Kutai is the single customary law geneologis the government of an independent and family-oriented.
In the Colonial Period and the system's institutional and governance by indigenous Dutch Assistant Resident J. Walland (1861-1865) adopted the system of local governance in the region of Palembang Kutai or Petulai citing this as the clan headed by Pesirah. With each passing Kutai government system is replaced with the name Hamlet as a whole is teroterial indigenous people under the authority of a clan chief who holds Pesirah. (Team AMARTA: Salim Senawar, Erwin S Basrin, Madian Sapani, Henderi S Basrin, Sugianto Bahanan, Hadiyanto Kamal, Riza Omami, Bambang Yuroto).

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